Which Umbrella Sunscreen Is Poor

- Oct 16, 2017-

The following umbrella sunscreen effect is poor.

1, polyester material umbrella surface. Cheap umbrella, umbrella surface materials are often polyester and other materials, its own thermal conductivity, but for a long time with the umbrella will be under the small space temperature rise, so that the scalp heat. It is recommended to use umbrellas made of natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk.

2, light umbrella. Light-colored umbrella easy to allow ultraviolet light, even after UV processing, the effect is not good. It is recommended to use dark umbrellas such as black.

3, the inner side of the shallow umbrella. Many people will ignore the inside of the umbrella. In fact, in addition to direct sunlight UV, the ground reflection of ultraviolet light will burn the skin. Therefore, try to choose the umbrella inside the same black and other dark umbrellas.

4, single umbrella. From the shade, anti-ultraviolet effect, the best choice of double umbrella umbrella umbrella, the use of two layers of space between the insulation effect, so that the umbrella temperature is not easy to rise, thus protecting the skin. At the same time, double-layer cloth filter UV effect is better than a single layer of cloth. Recommended friends in the choice of umbrellas, try to pick the color slightly deeper, larger umbrella, do not take a parasol when the umbrella, if long-term use, its anti-UV function will be greatly reduced.