The Outdoor Umbrella That Made The Library Burst Red

- Oct 16, 2017-

From the products provided on the online site, there are a group of two very beautiful library outdoor parasols. It is said that there are two libraries because of these two outdoor umbrella by the arts and culture were praised.

The first group of outdoor parasols show pure green, the distance is very fresh. As the site does not indicate the specific material, Xiaobian guess umbrella may be completed by the rattan, or textile wire to complete. The following seats look like polyester or nylon material, with a certain degree of flexibility.

The outdoor umbrella that made the library burst red

The second group of three parasols is a common feature of the middle of a layer of partitions, can be used to place a cup or other small ornaments. At the same time with different colors to distinguish between different parasols, such as blue-based umbrella and cushion with green partition; green-based umbrella and cushion with blue partition.

Umbrella part of the main look to thick cloth, perhaps this can be more light fastness.