Test Anti-ultraviolet Effect: Sun Umbrella Victory Sunscreen

- Oct 16, 2017-

Summer out, support umbrellas or wear sunscreen to become a lot of women a choice "problem". In the end is the umbrella sunscreen effect is good, or sunscreen sunscreen stronger?

For a study, recently, the Beijing News reporter purchased four kinds of umbrella samples (umbrellas are both professional sun umbrella, there are rain and rain umbrella) and two kinds of sun hat samples (1 is wide eaves adjustable height Sunscreen, a kind of duck tongue with a shade sunscreen).

Six samples were sent to the Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing to test, including UVB transmittance, UVA transmittance and visible light transmittance. Among them, the UVB transmittance and UVA transmittance are two main data representing the ability of UV protection. The lower the value means the better the sunscreen effect.

The results showed that the UVB transmittance of the four parasols was 0.0%, the UVA transmittance was between 0.0% and 0.5% and the visible light transmittance was between 0.1% and 1.2%. 2 kinds of sunscreen caps, a sunscreen caps are low values, anti-ultraviolet effect is better, but another sunscreen UVB transmittance, UVA transmittance and visible light transmittance are in the 18% to 23% , The value was significantly higher than other samples.