Outdoor Awning Energy Saving Residents To Solar Energy

- Oct 16, 2017-

Now the architectural design to the foreign style. Into the room, tall pick up the living room bright and spacious. The sun is vented from the floor-to-ceiling windows, warm and comfortable. Perhaps by the nature of our work to determine their way of living. There is not an air conditioning duct in the whole house. In the new energy development of the two of them will use solar energy in the roof, a large area of power storage panels will be converted into sunlight, but also increased the room of the cold insulation function, this kind of heating and cold storage The height of the house at the same time, but also reduce the indoor air conditioning on the environment pollution. "I hope that 20 years later, in the case of energy scarcity, my children will still be able to use this environmentally friendly energy to live here." They also designed the awning outside, the wind rotation device will automatically Adjust the scale of the outdoor awning, when the wind speed reaches a certain limit, the awning can automatically return to the safety scale, effectively avoid direct sunlight, reducing the summer room heat, thus reducing the cooling of energy consumption.