How To Clean The Parasols

- Oct 16, 2017-

Due to the production of sun umbrella fabric is more fine, which contains some small particles, so the best way to wash is washed with water, can not brush with a brush.

If you want to clean the words, it is best to wash the umbrella with water, try not to get the water on the umbrella frame to avoid the umbrella stand rust. In fact, the best way is not to buy light-colored umbrella, so do not have to spend the cattle effort. And I heard that dark umbrella anti-ultraviolet function is better than light umbrella!

Make a cleaning solution for the parasol. Cleaning solution as long as the white vinegar and detergent on it, it should be noted that must choose not to contain alkali detergent. And then prepare a one-time paper cups. The material is ready and the work starts. First, the detergent to play, the detergent into a one-time paper cups, detergent as long as no paper cup at the end of the child can. Followed by white vinegar, half a cup of white vinegar in the cup. Remember that half a cup, the rest of the rest of the water will be about 40 degrees to fill the warm water. Into the cup into the warm water about 40 degrees, warm water is served for the white vinegar and detergent, with the warm water they can fully integrate, the power can be stronger. Make a good detergent, we use a brush dipped in the washing liquid brush umbrella on it. But also to remind everyone that the brush when the vertical brush along the umbrella frame, and the direction to be consistent, not a longitudinal brush, one will be sideways brush. That would break the sunscreen of the parasol. In addition, we choose not to contain alkali detergent, but also because such a detergent can not only wash off the stain on the umbrella, it will not harm the umbrella sunscreen layer. White vinegar it, so that the umbrella fabric to maintain the original luster, plus to reconcile the detergent and white vinegar 40 degrees of warm water, the effect of decontamination is not to say. The umbrella of the surface are washed bowl, we have to use clean water.

Remember, be sure to wash thoroughly, or umbrella after drying, the surface will leave the traces of detergent, it is difficult to see. Then put the clean umbrella on the shade to dry on it. Compare, the effect is obvious Of course, our method is not a panacea, if your umbrella surface is a fluorescent layer, with this approach will destroy the umbrella surface of the fluorescent layer, thus affecting the sun umbrella sun ability. This method can not only wash the umbrella, will not hurt the parasols, you may wish to try.