How To Choose Outdoor Umbrellas, Outdoor Umbrellas Which Is Best

- Dec 07, 2017-

According to its shape, it can be divided into column umbrella, banana umbrella, unilateral umbrella, Roman umbrella, rotating umbrella, sky umbrella, large hanging umbrella, according to its shape can be divided into round Shaped and square, then subdivided then there is a single and double points. According to its material points, can be divided into column umbrella, column aluminum umbrella and so on. Corresponding to so many sunshades style and price we should choose?

You have to choose according to the environment around you, for example, where you use umbrellas, the wind is relatively large, then I suggest you use double umbrellas, such umbrellas have a vent at the top to maintain a more stable; if you Is to embellishment then you do not pay any attention to the purchase of sunshades, just look at the design of your surroundings and purchase!

In price, you may wish to look at the high prices, high in the end where it is, so your surprise surprise shopping, such as teak parasailing, the price is relatively high, because of its umbrella and Support columns are made of expensive teak made of high quality of the material created!

In the material, many companies in order to use the price to attract people, they make a big fuss in the material, such as umbrella cloth quality, anti-UV level, can make changes, a little change, then to your product prices go In fact, such an umbrella was purchased by you, then you also learned why the umbrella with the same paragraph, in different companies have such a big difference in price, this is the result of the price war in the industry.

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