How To Buy A Parasol

- Oct 16, 2017-

First of all to see your surroundings, where the place is not very large, the middle of the table can be inserted umbrella, then you can choose in the column aluminum umbrella, all aluminum umbrella, pull rope opening and closing, very convenient.

If your place is large enough, and want to buy strong anti-wind ability of the umbrella, you can choose unilateral umbrella,

Its characteristics are: umbrella column unilateral independent, with 100% of the space utilization. To avoid the traditional parasols in use on the table to wear the trouble and embarrassment.

This umbrella can be customized, can print ads, mobile is very convenient, wind resistance is also relatively strong. Very suitable for cafe, bar.

Want to buy cost-effective umbrellas, you can consider rotating umbrella. 360 ° umbrella is the most powerful of all parasols a parasol, unique shape, quite stylish design, the overall shape of the beautiful structure, clear lines, can give people a sense of pleasure. Using a two-fold umbrella mode, the umbrella body can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal position, but also in the vertical direction of rotation 90 degrees, foot pedal rotation, can be tilted tilt, the operation is more simple, a person can easily distract and Shoulong The Umbrella specifications are acceptable