Germany's Unemployment Rate Remained Historically Low In April

- May 16, 2018-

Germany's unemployment rate continued to fall in April and unemployment remained low, according to a monthly employment report released by the federal labor agency. According to the data, the number of unemployed in Germany fell by 7,000 in April after seasonal adjustment, which was lower than market expectations. The unemployment rate was flat at 5.3 per cent last month, keeping it at its lowest level since reunification. The data also showed that Germany had 784, 000 job vacancies in April, an increase of 78,000 from a year earlier. At present, driven by factors such as export growth, strong domestic demand and increased investment in enterprises, Germany's economy is growing rapidly, demand for enterprise employees has increased significantly, and the number of unemployed people continues to decrease. Germany's unemployment rate will fall to 5.3% from 5.7% last year, according to the German government.