Company Tour - SuZhou Classical Gardens

- May 22, 2018-

Our company organized the traval to SuZhou classical Gardens last week.

All the employees  went together.We all spent a happy time and get rid of weary.


Suzhou is located beside Taihu Lake,and it is a fertile and scenic land with a subtropical monsoon climate,moderate with distinctive four seasons. Suzhou is a city of rivers and canals and also a city of gardens. Hence it is called the“Venice of the Orient" . 

Began from Song Dynasty the famous sayings thatSuzhou on earth matches paradise inHeavenandbumper harvests in Suzhou alone are enough for the whole nation"


The Humble Administrator`s Garden,the largest,occupies four hectares. It was built in 1522 during the Ming Qynasty. Water accounts for three-fifths of its total area. All the majorbuildings face the water. Centering on the pool,bridges and corridors harmoniously link upisles,rockeries,pavilions and towers. The garden shows a natural and flowing artistic style.


The Lingering Garden on the other hand , demonstrates a compact layout and a delicatedecorative art.Built in the Ming,it was renovated and expanded in the early 19th centuryduring the Qing Dynasty, to cover an area of 3 .3 hectares as we see it today. The garden isdivided into four sections:artificial hills in the west,pastoral scenery in the north,hall andpavilion structures in the east and hills and waters at the center. A winding corridor of over 1 000 meters links them.


The unique charm of these gardens has led to their entry into the list of world culturalheritage in 1997.