What should you pay attention to when buying a shade?

- Oct 16, 2017-

Many consumers do not know what kind of fabric to buy better, the awning material different prices and fabrics are different, the general awning only shading effect, and good cloth is not tight enough Shade and durable. The following to teach you to buy awning when the attention to what matters;

  Buy awning must be purchased with anti-ultraviolet, the market common anti-UV awning there are many, many profiteers are shoddy, the price difference between the consumer, so consumers buy awning It is necessary to learn their own if some of the way to distinguish between good and bad awning, awning good fabric is generally more closely, if you buy the awning fabric textile is relatively sparse, then careful to buy, shade fabric is generally cheap do not have anti- Function, in general, textile fabrics tend to shrink, when you buy a large point to buy big points as much as possible.

The color of the fabric is related to the UV protection performance. Under the same conditions, the darker the color of the fabric the better the UV resistance, compared to black, navy, dark green light blue, light pink, light yellow and other anti-ultraviolet performance is better.

Pre-purchase should be carefully observed protective grade mark. AQSIQ promulgated the "anti-ultraviolet performance of textiles assessment," provides that only UPF (UV protection factor) is greater than 30, and UVA (long-wave ultraviolet) transmittance of less than 5%, can be called anti-UV products, protection level Standard "UPF30 +"; when the UPF is greater than 50, indicating that the product excellent UV protection, protection level identified as "UPF50 +". Consumers in the purchase, should carefully check the protection level logo, and then according to the local sun situation, choose their own umbrella. In the case of

Can be based on the nature of the umbrella fabric to determine the initial anti-ultraviolet performance. In general, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other anti-ultraviolet performance is poor, and polyester is better. Usually used to make umbrella with polyester fabric colored satin, Mike cloth and so on.

Sunscreen can not prevent UV, fabric texture is not important **, the main manufacturers are on what kind of fabric to do the technical treatment. General cotton, hemp texture of the fabric itself has a certain anti-UV performance, but the degree is not strong Bale. The first two years of the market sales of sunscreen umbrella is coated with a layer of silver glue on the umbrella, this treatment can reflect and block some of the direct ultraviolet light. But the quality of silver glue is good and bad, good technical conditions manufacturers of sunscreen umbrella silver glue is not easy to fall off, and some cheap sun umbrella in order to count, just to the umbrella painted a layer of silver, after several sunshine It fell off the color.

Umbrella in the case of wet, due to the optical conduction of water, ultraviolet transmittance increased, the protective effect is reduced. Therefore, the wet umbrella should not be used for anti-purple