What is the use of floor mats in homes and offices?

- Jul 07, 2018-


Floor Mats can actually serve a number of purposes, regardless of the environment;

Entrance Mats - These can be used both indoor and outdoor, the main aim is to capture dirt and water from footwear before it is “walked” into the building. For homes, a simple Coir Mat made from coconut husks is something we will all be familiar with. In offices, a larger commercial entrance mat will usually be found, often with the logo or in a colour matching the corporate colour scheme.

Anti Fatigue Mats - Fatigue means tiredness or stress. Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed to reduce the stresses caused to a body through long periods of standing. Imagine a worker operating a machine, or using a standing desk, an anti fatigue mat helps to increase circulation in the legs and make it more comfortable for the user. They aren’t often found in the home, although a small number of households do use them in kitchens. They are becoming more popular in offices though, especially since the rise of standing desks.

Mats also help to reduce the risk of slipping, especially in wet areas such as a bathroom or kitchen.

This article is from QUORA.