What is the role and function of European awning

- Oct 16, 2017-

European awning role and function:

1, outside the shade function can completely block the ultraviolet radiation,

2, reduce the indoor temperature,

3, to reduce air conditioning load.

 According to statistics, in the window to install the awning and do not install the awning for experimental comparison, more than 60% can save refrigeration and electricity. Installation of external shade systems in offices, high-rise buildings, schools and public places with large area windows can be effective

 Blocking the direct sunlight, to achieve a very good shade effect, to protect the indoor furniture, the floor from ultraviolet erosion.

 Good shade effect means that the room can not be light, the answer is of course negative. European rational design of the awning to shade and lighting to achieve a harmonious unity: in blocking the summer at the same time, can make a strong sun in the form of diffuse light

 Into the room, so that the indoor light bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the interior from the window to see the beautiful landscape, the people's living space extended from the room to the outside, creating a new living space.

 European awning has a good anti-UV function: awning shade cloth with a special anti-ultraviolet function, not only the human skin from UV invasion, but also greatly extended the interior decoration and furniture life. European awning has a variety of cover cloth pattern, color, the user can be based on their own preferences around the window personalized personalized dress, but also according to the shape of the building shape to choose the appropriate awning models, so that with the German The awning building is more personalized, thus improving the image of the whole building.

 European awnings can be intelligent control: European awning with sun sensing devices, wind sensors and rain sensing devices and other sensing devices, awnings can be manually controlled without scrolling, relying on the sensor to correctly carry out complex operations , And the entire building of the outer curtain can be achieved group control control, thereby enhancing the overall degree of intelligent building.

 European awning with high strength arm and skeleton: awning with high strength aluminum alloy made of curved arm and skeleton, plus special paint layer, anti-acid and alkali corrosion resistance, the service life of up to 15 years, and in the cover Cloth open case can resist 5 strong winds.

 European awning has a high-quality shade cloth: awning shade made of special polypropylene acrylic, the use of deep dyeing technology, high color fastness, this material anti-stretch, corrosion resistance, cold, high temperature, Resistance to harsh environmental climate, the surface after coating treatment, waterproof, easy to dry, particularly stable quality, long life, high color fastness.