What are the strong, sunscreen umbrella recommended?

- Nov 18, 2017-

The rainy season and summer in the south, umbrellas are necessary items, but before buying easily bad, every one or two months on a reimbursement, it is not environmental protection, recommended, preferably folding umbrella portable.

PS, some sun umbrellas can't cover the rain. This is incredible to me. Isn't it troublesome to take two umbrellas out?


After searching a period of time, found a few keywords

1. hit the umbrella cloth like the lotus leaf is not as easily wet, can swing the storage in the bag.

The 2. dimensions are many Parasol Umbrella diameter under the 80+cm, only one person, one does not feel love, only enough to cover the head.

3. 200g light is more than a pencil umbrella, the comments are very strong to Akira umbrella; most of the big man weighing close to 400g,.

Some 4. SPF sun umbrella without black gum, allegedly a dense fibrous texture, can prevent uva. A principle of estimation and skin clothing. But the light will be relatively hot, or the inner layer of black glue is relatively cool.


I finally bought two umbrella, an umbrella, a colored plastic umbrella, umbrella diameter is about 100, is the automatic umbrella, find automatic umbrella is very important and very convenient, the bus is convenient, back or finishing.