What are some weird and innovative uses for an umbrella?

- Apr 28, 2018-

This incident took place way back in the pre-independence era in our native village which was very remote. It is a testimony to an innovative use of an umbrella and also presence of mind. 

Back in those days, the area surrounding our ancestral home was more like a mini forest (called 'haadi' in our language) with very narrow pathways and approaches. Since taking buses those days was very uncommon, people walked for kilometers to reach a relative's house. It so happened that once a man was walking back towards his home after sunset unaware of the danger that was awaiting him. Creatures like mongoose and a variety of snakes are ubiquitous and a  common sight in the backyard of almost all houses. 

However, to his utter horror, that unfortunate day he found a tiger lurking just a few feet away from him walking in his direction. Any normal person would have panicked and invariably fallen prey to the tiger. But such was the presence of mind of this villager that he took out his umbrella which was striped using two different colours, tied a cloth to the tip of the umbrealla, immediately started rotating it vigourously and moved forward with small strides. The colourful umbrealla coupled with the rotatory motion did the trick. To his amazement, the tiger initially stopped approaching him and later silently walked away causing no harm to him. He then heaved a sigh of relief and reached home unhurt. This was one heck of a story to tell back then and he is still seen as a hero in our village. 

Surely a weird and an innovative use of an umbrella I must say.