Umbrella summary of all kinds

- Dec 18, 2017-

First, the outdoor sun umbrella

Parasols are the most common type of umbrellas used. The most common size is an umbrella with an umbrella height of 2.4 meters and a canopy diameter of 2.4. Parasol umbrella umbrella is generally two, when used in two sets together, fixed by the middle of the buckle. Parasol's biggest controversy in terms of price. Now there are sixty or seventy dollars in the market of sun umbrellas, there are more than 100 sun umbrellas, regardless of false quotations, the price is determined by the quality of the sun umbrella. First of all, the umbrella cloth is an important factor in the price. There are nylon cloth in the umbrella cloth, acrylic cloth and other kinds of cloths. And the umbrella cloths of the same kind of materials also have different safety numbers. The middle and top grade outdoor umbrellas use polyester cloth, The thicker the polyester cloth is, the stronger the function of sunscreen and rain protection is. The second is the umbrella ribs. There are double-stranded, double stranded and cross-stranded structures in the sun umbrella. The materials and processes are also different.

Second, banana umbrella

Banana umbrella named after its shrinking like a banana fishing. Banana umbrella is also a column umbrella, umbrella area under the open, you can freely place tables and chairs, banana umbrella is the most prominent feature of elegant appearance, and more for leisure occasions, and now can be seen in many occasions, booth umbrella also useful banana umbrella of. Some banana umbrellas can also rotate, with the direction of sunlight can be rotated umbrella head, shade effect is good.

Third, the side column umbrella

Side column umbrella is a milestone in the history of sunshade, parasol umbrella pole moved to the edge of the traditional middle. As a result, the side of the post umbrella can be placed under any of the tables and chairs, rather than the traditional straight umbrella that would have to drill a hole on the table to use. Side column umbrella skeletons are generally hard aluminum alloy.

The most common side column umbrella is used in the guard post, because of its large space under the umbrella, guard standing below you can receive a full range of protection. Many scenic spots also use this side column umbrellas as a tool for people to enjoy the cool air, often seen in parks and communities.

Four, rotating umbrella (Rome umbrella)

Rotating parachute umbrella head can rotate 360 degrees horizontal rotation can also be vertical angle of 90 degrees, sunshade function is extremely powerful. Rotating umbrella structure of a solid, high performance of wind and rain, is the highest performance and quality of outdoor umbrellas.

Five, double-headed umbrella rotation

Rotary double-headed umbrella is the improvement of the rotation of the umbrella, the same parachute binding two umbrella head. The benefits of this is the overall stability is very strong, shading area. A set of operating system control two umbrella head, save manpower in operation, and the overall structure of the material savings.

Six, electric umbrella

Electric umbrella opening and closing can be used to support the electric system to operate. Electric umbrella umbrella head has a solar cell that can capture sunlight converted to electricity, but also equipped with a dry battery, in case the sun is not strong enough power. Electric umbrella diameter of 5 meters, the center column diameter of 6.7 cm, solid structure, strong wind and rain resistance.

Seven, sky umbrella

The biggest feature of the sky umbrella is tall, circular sky umbrella has a diameter of 7 meters, the umbrella height of 4.56 meters; square sky Umbrella side length of 5 meters. Utopia tall and mighty appearance, but set up to need more people to cooperate, in order to prevent the attack of strong winds, generally put some shade shelter.