Umbrella category Ⅱ

- Oct 16, 2017-

 Four, rotating umbrella (Roman umbrella) umbrella umbrella can be rotated, you can rotate 360 degrees, you can also vertical angle 90 degrees lift, shade function is very powerful. Rotary umbrella structure is stable, high wind and rain resistance, outdoor umbrella performance and the highest quality of a.

 Five, double-headed umbrella double-headed umbrella is the umbrella of the improvement of the same umbrella pillar on the umbrella. This is the advantage of the overall stability is very strong, shade area. A set of operating systems controls two umbrellas head, which saves manpower in operation and saves material on the overall structure.

Sixth, electric umbrella electric umbrella opening and closing can be used to support the electric system to operate. Electric umbrella umbrella head has a solar cell, you can collect the sun into electrical energy, but also equipped with a dry battery to prevent the sun is not strong enough when the lack of electricity. Electric umbrella diameter of 5 meters, the diameter of the column is 6.7 cm, strong structure, strong ability to resist wind and rain.

Seven, Atlas Umbrella Umbrella umbrella is the biggest feature of tall, round open umbrella diameter of 7 meters, the umbrella height of 4.56 meters; square engine umbrella side length of 5 meters. Qingtian umbrella shape tall and mighty, but set up to need more people to cooperate, in order to prevent the wind attack, generally placed in some shelter shelter.