Round unilateral umbrella

- Oct 16, 2017-

First, unilateral umbrella structure:

1, umbrella column unilateral independence, with 100% of the space utilization. To avoid the traditional parasols in use on the table to wear the trouble and embarrassment.

2, precision design of the transmission and pulley system, a person can easily distract and Shoulong. 3, diarrhea outlet to form an umbrella umbrella, beautiful and beautiful, and umbrella seat with enough to withstand the following winds 5-6 level.

4, the main body and seat separate design, without any tools can be easily separated or combined, moving and handling is very easy.

5, umbrella cloth can be easily removed, easy to clean.

Second, the use of unilateral umbrella places: This product is suitable for placement in the villas, gardens, courtyards, swimming pools, squares, tea gardens, booths, conference podium and other outdoor venues for shade, rain use, is also a good environment, And high-end real estate, beautiful garden complement each other. At the same time, the umbrella can also be used for banquet hall, restaurants, cafes, bars and other indoor places for decoration purposes.