Optional outdoor umbrella must read knowledge

- Oct 16, 2017-

Summer sun hot, hot, is the number one enemy of the skin, choose a good umbrella can greatly reduce the sun's lethality, but the face of the uneven quality of the umbrella on the market, how to choose a real " Umbrella ", but there are know-how. From a professional point of view, people often say "umbrellas, sun umbrella" is actually anti-UV umbrella.

How to choose outdoor umbrella?

Look material nylon texture, umbrella opaque for the best

       The umbrella on the market has a variety of different materials, such as cotton, silk, nylon, plastic, chemical fiber and polyester and so on. In recent years we are common in the street sun umbrella, mainly two kinds of material manufacturing, a kind of called "chameleon", the other is lace umbrella.

      Chameleon material sunscreen umbrella price is expensive, ranging from hundreds of more than a thousand, known as a special anti-UV treatment, blocking more than 90 percent of the UV. In fact, the main use of these umbrella fabric is nylon! Without any treatment.

      Another sunscreen lace umbrella, these two years lace umbrella is not just popular, it is hot! However, such a beautiful umbrella is not false, but the sun effect may not be so impressive. Because the lace is not any anti-ultraviolet function, to protect the UV to rely on the following layer of umbrella, and the main material or nylon umbrella. So, what is the effect of nylon sunscreen in the end? Nylon cloth will not be deformed, will not be dyed, and very light, but for the sun, it is only to reduce the penetration of light only. Optional outdoor umbrella must read knowledge

     Sunscreen better umbrella, umbrella thicker, the fabric of the fabric more anti-ultraviolet performance is better, relative to cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester more sunscreen. To know the sun umbrella sunscreen effect, may wish to try the sun. The deeper the shadow, the lower the translucent umbrella sunscreen the best.

Dark umbrella more anti-ultraviolet

      In the case of the same fabric, the dark umbrella anti-ultraviolet effect is better, generally dark umbrella cloth can block 95% of the UVA. The umbrella has a large area of reflection, and the inside of the umbrella cloth is preferably black with a coating to avoid re-reflecting the ground UVA to the face.

Sunscreen also has a sunscreen index

      Mainly look at the protection index, that is, UPF and UVA value, only UPF greater than 40, and UVA transmittance of less than 5%, can be called anti-UV products, UPF value is greater, the better anti-UV performance. In general, most of the logo on the market as "UPF50 +", its protective function has been enough.

 Umbrella area to large

      Ultraviolet rays are irradiated in all directions, and if the area is larger, the better the effect can be resisted. So, the best time to choose to look at the size of the area.