How to choose outdoor umbrella

- Oct 16, 2017-

1, you want to choose according to your surrounding environment, for example, where you use the umbrella, the wind is relatively large, then I suggest you use double umbrellas, so the top of the umbrella has a discharge outlet, to maintain a smooth stability; If you are in order to embellish it then you have no special attention on the umbrella purchase, just look at your surrounding environment design style and purchase!

2, in the price, you may also wish to look at the high price, it is high in the end where high, so that your purchase to bring unexpected surprises, such as teak hanging umbrella, the price is relatively high, because it umbrella Rods and support columns are made of expensive teak, the material created a high price of the price!


3, in the material, there are many companies in order to attract people with the price, they make a big article in the material, such as the quality of the umbrella, the degree of anti-ultraviolet, can be changed, a slight change, then give you the price of the product Go on, in fact, this umbrella is your purchase to, then you also learned why the same umbrella, in different companies have such a big difference in price, this is the result of industry price war.