How to buy a outdoor solar Led light umbrella?

- Jun 02, 2018-

Solar Led light umbrella is more popular these year.It is beautiful and technological ,environmental protection.

But how to buy a best led umbrella? 

There are so many kinds led umbrella.

YB-1:10ft Roma led umbrella

This led umbrella is luxury enough and the price is the most expensive.

If your garden is big,you can choose this one.

YB02:9ft/10ft Crank&tilt led light outdoor umbrella

This one is easy operation,light.You can open it soon.

Usually ,it can stand  with a table,on the middle.



YB03:Banana hanging umbrella offest umbrella with led light

This one is like the roma umbrella.But more lighter and cheaper then roma umbrella.


YB04 LED bar patio umbrella 


YB05 Led bar offest umbrella 


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