How the umbrellas put into the container?

- Apr 28, 2018-

When the factory produce goods it will have the MOQ requirement.

What is the  "MOQ"? It is "Minimum Order Quantity".

Because some materials need to reach certain amount then they can be produced.On the other hand,bulk cargo is more inconvenient then the FCL. 

Our factory also have the MOQ:200 pieces per model and color.

You can order diffierent model then put them  into one 40HQ.

In general,the container's size are :




When the worker load the goods,we need to remind them to take care the goods,do not setp on the cartons,especially the white cartons.

When there are some short and long cartons,we should put the long one first.Otherwise the container will be short-shipped.

When there are heavy goods and light goods,the heavy goods should be loaded first.Otherwise the light goods can not support the weight.