Curved arm awning

- Oct 16, 2017-

A good outdoor leisure umbrella first of all to pay attention to the quality of the material, or could not withstand the storm, life is limited.

Select the quality of the time as much as possible to ask the outdoor leisure sun umbrella skeleton materials, and thickness, try to pick metal and solid wood frame, the thickness of the appropriate thickness.

Second, the outdoor leisure umbrella counterweight, the quality is too light, not the role of counterweight, can not stand the wind, there are security risks. The heavier the weight, buy outdoor leisure umbrella, be sure to ask the weight, can not just pick the light of the weight of heavy goods to buy.

The last is the outdoor leisure umbrella color, under normal circumstances, the formal umbrella cloth can play the role of anti-ultraviolet, but the more the color of the better anti-UV effect.

Crank arm awning also become a fashionable pursuit of people.

Curved awnings can be seen everywhere in private gardens and private homes. Thus people for the beautiful style.